Best Arabic Bridal Mehendi Designs for Indian Weddings!

Best Arabic Bridal Mehendi Designs for Indian Weddings!

When you don your thinking and creative caps to come up with bridal mehendi or henna ideas and designs for Indian weddings, you just can’t ignore Arabic designs, as Arabic mehendi designs are all the rage now and the popularity of and demand for Arabic designs is on a steady rise!

You may term it a shift in trend towards simplicity, but Arabic mehendi designs are very much the “in-thing” now and helps you keep life easy and simple!

If you love floral motifs that are clean, simple yet elegant, choosing an Arabic bridal henna design is the way to go! They may not be as intricate as Indian mehendi designs, but their simplicity and elegance mean that they impart a minimal look even while covering less skin.

Certainly, Indian brides, who are used to intricate bridal mehendi designs will find the plethora of Arabic mehendi designs a refreshing and welcome change!

Types of Arabic Mehendi Designs

There are actually several types of Arabic mehendi designs to choose from. The main types are:

  • Traditional Arabic mehendi design with big floral motifs: If you are a big fan of flowers, this Arabic henna option–with three and five-petal flowers–may just be the one you may be looking for, for your big Indian wedding day, as this type is one of the most recognisable motifs of a traditional Arabic mehendi design.
  • Pakistani mehendi design with peacock motif: For those among you who prefer a simple yet elegant design, that is also uncluttered, this particular design with peacock motifs, roses and Arabic mehendi patterns should be right up your alley.
  • Backhand Arabic mehendi design: For those of you who don’t want to cover your entire arms in henna on your big wedding day, this Arabic design should be perfect, as this contemporary style has fewer patterns and yet is elegant to look at.
  • Minimal Arabic mehendi with delicate net motif: This henna design has floral and delicate net motifs and in a minimal fashion statement, looks great when applied
  • Arabic Henna Design for palm and wrist: This has big floral motifs and perfectly captures the essence of Arabic culture.
  • The modern bride’s minimal feet henna design: With this simple and minimal design for your feet, you can look both modern and chic, as it covers a very small portion of the feet.
  • Full hand Arabic wedding henna design: These beautiful and gorgeous Arabic henna designs cover the entire arm up to the elbow in flowers, vines and leaves, and can actually look almost as intricate as some Indian designs. Prem Dulhan Mehendi Lets You Unleash Your Chic Arabic Henna Ideas! With Prem Dulhan, you can see all your best and chic Arabic bridal mehendi design ideas for your big Indian wedding day come alive into reality and fruition! Prem Dulhan is India’s most reputable brand, based in Sojat, Rajasthan, which is famous across the world for its mehendi crop cultivation and is also known as India’s “henna hub”. Our 100% henna-based products are known for their world-class quality and affordability. You can give your loving relationships a new meaning by letting Prem Dulhan mehendi give shape to your creative Arabic henna ideas. Prem Dulhan mehendi or henna products are preferred choice of millions of brides as they are:
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