How to Use Henna To Nourish And Dye Hair

Hair care is a major part of our lives, for both men and women. In today’s world, we are always trying to look our best. We wear our best outfits, do the best makeup, and use the best products.

Naturally, having good hair is an important aspect of not only looking good but also feeling our best. And the way to have healthy hair is only to use the best products. But with so many brands in the market, we often get confused. Newer brands come into the market every day, however not all of them are good quality products.

Prem Dulhan comes as a savior in such a situation, with its all-natural ingredients in their products. Prem Dulhan is one of the oldest brands in India that deals with henna as their main ingredient. The company has been working with the largest manufacturers of mehendi crops in our country and stands firm in the position of the best henna-related hair care and mehendi cone products.

Let Us Know More About Prem Dulhan

Henna has been in use since the early ages. If we talk about commercialising, henna products were usually sold in clear transparent packages. Prem Dulhan is the first company to introduce proper package-infused mehendi cones and henna hair dyes in the market.

It has not only made commercialising easier but also made it more effortless for people to recognise and buy good quality products. Prem Dulhan offers a wide range of products for all the different needs of their customers. Our Natural Hair Henna is a perfect fit for all those who want to dye their hair without worrying about damaging it.

Our Hair color has no ammonia in its products and is paraben and cruelty-free. It nourishes the hair and gives it a healthy and glowing look. Its natural products re-strengthens the hair from its roots, making it usable for those who are tired and are looking to get away from their dry and damaged hair.

Our Natural Henna-based Hair Colour comes in three shades Natural Brown, Black and Burgundy. Most importantly, all three shades give the most natural-looking colour to the hair. These packages also come in different sizes of smaller and larger packets. Now we don’t have to go to salons and make a dent in our pockets in order to experience a salon-finished hair dye experience.

What Are The Benefits Of Applying Henna

The use of henna has been prevalent in India and has been shared with the rest of the world for centuries. Indian women have not only been using but also giving out the secrets of the many benefits that henna has.

  • It is a plant-based natural product, so henna in its pure form is chemical-free and allergy free. Making it useful to everyone, without having to worry about unwanted reactions. Henna has antimicrobial properties that reduce itchy and irritated scalp problems.
  • Henna also works as a natural conditioner and repairs damaged hair and makes it soft. It prevents other problems of dandruff and excessive oil production in the hair, making the hair health more balanced.
  • Unlike bleach and other harsh chemical products, the application of henna doesn’t change the natural tone of the hair and retains the original colour. The soft tea colour that henna gives is only semi-permanent, and wears off after some time, regaining the natural colour of the hair. Following proper steps and mixing it with the right ingredients, henna can accelerate hair growth and reduce the risks of hair fall. Further reading will provide different ways how to use henna and the different steps we can take to get the healthiest hair. How To Use Henna To Dye Hair The easiest and simplest way to use henna is to simply mix it with water and leave it overnight. For the best results, take a good amount of Prem Dulhan Henna-based Natural Hair Dye, mix it with water make a thick paste and apply it on dry hair. Leaving it overnight gives the best results so try to do this process at night. Alternatively, keeping the paste mixture for 4-5 hours works too, and gives a beautiful tea colour natural brown hair. Wearing gloves is a must, as contact with the skin can leave a stain that can stay up to a month or more. It is best advised to make the mixture in a glass or ceramic bowl, as metallic bowls can have certain reactions to the chemicals and irritate the skin.

For deeper conditioning, mix the Prem Dulhan Henna Hair Dye with a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice and an equal amount of curd. Lemon juice and curd mixed with henna provide a natural conditioner and nourish the hair. Wash it off with a paraben-free shampoo after a good amount of time.

Further Tips On Applying Henna By Hair Specialist

The Times Of India provided some insights on how we can use henna to get the best results. It is essential to use only organic henna and we should always check the packaging and ingredients to check for any harmful chemicals.

  • It is advised to use henna once or twice a week for about 15 minutes and rinse it off with a shampoo. If used frequently, we shouldn’t keep it for a longer period of time as it may result in hair breakages.
  • Mixing the henna powder with other natural ingredients such as turmeric powder and fenugreek powder can provide better results.
  • Rosemary oil is known to be one of the most beneficial products for hair growth and nourishment. While making the henna paste, we can also substitute water with rosemary oil. The uses and benefits of henna are many, and Prem Dulhan hair products provide the best quality products in the Indian market. Prem Dulhan 100% Natural Henna Mehndi Powder is cruelty-free, paraben-free and gives a long-lasting stain. A meticulous blend of henna, amla, shikakai and aloe vera, this hair dye proves true to the brand’s commitment and authenticity. Its rich quality nourishes the hair and provides an easy to use dye.